Campers spent a much anticipated sunny day going to all their
activities and finally enjoying some nice weather! For breakfast, we had pancakes and sausage, and chapel songs included some fan favorites, such as Reckless Love. The rest of the day was filled with fun and a little bit of relaxation during free time from yesterday’s Tribe Fest, but another surprise was in store for our campers…Christmas Eve! The girls found out at lunch that tonight’s evening activity will be Christmas Eve, where their counselors will go cabin-to-cabin caroling and spreading Christmas cheer while they relax with their cabin mates and CITs.

Caroling will include some all-time classic Christmas songs, such as Silent Night and Joy to the World, with a focus on God’s love and gift to the world, Jesus, and his birth. Counselors and campers also get to change into their Christmas gear after 4th period, including fluffy pajamas and socks, reindeer ears and Santa hats, and comfy sweats.

Girls can make bracelets, play games, and bond before going to bed (and getting to sleep in a whole extra hour!) The Christmas spirit will last through tomorrow morning when the big blue pickup truck will go cabin to cabin delivering Krispy Kreme donuts, hot cocoa, apple slices, and cold milk. Yum!

Along with the festivities, we also celebrated our cherished tradition of White Feather. This evening we welcomed 5 new recipients of the White Feather rank:
Lucy W.
Pearce W.
Caroline R.
Adeline P.
Rachael B.
Congratulations girls!!

From this Haven,
Bailie S.
Tweedle Counselor