Merry Christmas to all from Merri-Mac!

Today, we had a very exciting day that started with donuts and hot chocolate for breakfast delivered by Bobby’s blue truck!
The day was full of holiday surprises with all of the classic Christmas songs sung in the chapel.
The daily activities continued on with a twist of Christmas spirit included in them all (The horses had Christmas decorations, the kitchen made Christmas pasta with meatballs that was good enough to rival any home cooking). Activities like kayaking, canoeing and diving were the perfect addition to a warm day. And to top it all off, the puppies went for a walk with the girls to visit other activities and have a bit of play time (and the puppies dressed like presents too!). And if that wasn’t enough, Christmas Day brought incredible weather, full of sunshine and excitement.

The night closed with Fine Arts Night. Girls demonstrated their talents in singing, dancing, skits, and art! All of them were amazing and we loved their performances! With applause and laughter, the cabins were able to spend a magical Saturday at Merri-Mac.

From This Haven,
Regina Gordillo Duecker