After a couple of rainy days here at Merri-mac, the sun finally started to shine through

This morning at camp, we all woke up and got to enjoy some english muffin breakfast
sandwiches. We knew it was a special day and campers were on the edge of their seats waiting
for the announcement, when, finally, staff began running around the dining hall, whooping and
hollering, as we were told that today is Tribefest- A day dedicated to tribal games!
After chapel, campers went to dress up in their best tribe gear- glitter, tutus, jerseys, the

Our first activity was Tribal Trash Pick-up, which is a fun way to make Merri-mac even
more beautiful, and the Black Bears and Red Wolves each came out with a win. Next, we
played El Presidente. Campers ran around trying to take each other’s socks while music blasted
and chiefs cheered through their megaphones. Tribes cheered each other on and sang as loud
as they could! In the end, the Red Wolves won El Presidente!

After lunch (some amazing meatball subs and, of course, the fan favorite, french fries),
we got to enjoy an hour-long rest hour. During rest hour, campers can write to their family and
friends, read a book, or simply nap. Some candy and drinks from Tray-Po later, and everyone
was off to their tribe meetings where they rehearsed for Song-Fest.
Golden Eagles went first, showing off a song for their tribe (“Our spirit is ridiculous!”) and
then following with an even stronger song for breakfast, a song to the tune of Prince of Bel Air
featuring Booboo the Bear!
Next were the Red Wolves, wowing us with a tribe song to the tune of starships (“Can’t
stop, ‘cause we’re too fine”) and a breakfast song inspired by the Phineas and Ferb opening
Finally, came the Black Bears with a crowd-pleasing rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Ready
For It” (The Black Bear edition!) and a breakfast song to the tune of Cups. We really will miss
them when they’re gone!
Every song was incredible! Our Merri-mac girls are so talented. And Red Wolves came out victorious with their winning songs.

For dinner, we enjoyed some sweet and sour chicken and egg rolls, the perfect fuel for
our final activity, making its debut here at Merri-mac… Commando! This game was originally
played at our brother camp, Timberlake, but tonight, we brought it here and had the most fun
ever! Commando is our fun take on a water balloon fight!
After the greatest day at Tribefest, and each tribe getting lots and lots of wins and spirit
points (I mean, really! Look at those outfits!), we all headed to bed, ready for another amazing
day at our home away from home.

-Ansley Keaton (Tweedles Counselor)