It’s Sunday Funday! This morning campers woke up and were welcomed with the traditional Sunday breakfast of cinnamon rolls. All the campers were dressed in their whites today for cabin photos. Campers, along with their counselors, will line the porch and take silly pictures.

After pictures were taken, the campers sang “You Say” by Lauren Daigle, and the chapel was filled with their voices. This song has become very special to Merri-Mac this year because it’s lyrics are powerful messages to the girls about who they are in Christ.

When chapel ended, the girls raced to the Lake to get ready for the camp’s annual Merri-Mac Triathlon! Girls participated in several different heats where they were timed in swimming, biking, and running. Competitors swam from the edge of the lake all the way to the dock where they jumped on bikes to ride to the masada. Once arriving at the masada, the girls would hop off their bikes and begin to run the Little Tomahawk trail. Then the girls would race the final stretch through Tweedle Creek towards the finish.

Anna E. and Sara H. crossed the finish line together winning a single heat with a time of 18:45.

Meanwhile, a group of campers travelled to Camp Timberlake to visit their brothers. The girls shared lunch and tray-po together with their brothers while enjoying the rope swing, high dive, and blob at Timberlake’s lake.

This evening was the Sunday cookout brought to you by our lovely C.I.T.s! Girls enjoyed freshly grilled burgers and hotdogs as well as pasta salad and fruit. (Chocolate chip cookies too!)

After the cookout, the girls welcomed several members of Timberlake’s counselors along with Merri-Mac’s very own counselors to conduct Vespers. The girls laughed and sang along with the counselors.

The Sunnyside Prom was in full swing after Vespers. Pippin Hill was full of dancing and laughter from the girls tonight. The theme of the prom was “Rhyme without Reason”. Some examples of the costumes that the girls dressed up as: “Dolly Parton & Milk Carton”, “Lifeguard & Playing Card”, and “Chef & Ref”.

After such a long day of fun and activities, the girls need a good rest tonight! We’ve got a full week ahead of us!

From this Haven,
Ashlynn A.
Social Media Team