Another great day at Merri-Mac!

Campers woke up to a chilly morning with a tasty breakfast of homemade pancakes and warm sausage. Our Sunnysiders joined shortly after from their fun day yesterday. After breakfast, campers gathered in the chapel to hear Elizabeth speak about mankind in her talk titled “Who is Man?”

With good food in their bellies and inspirational words from Elizabeth in their hearts, the campers headed to their morning activities to begin to achieve bronze, silver, and gold status. Cheerleading took the back lawn and worked on stunts, fencing began to face off against each other in small duels, and cooking finished out its last day of making chicken pot pie. The sun finally began to peak out as campers filed their way to the Tucker Inn to a camp favorite lunch, Pizza Day! The tables were adorned with trays of cheesy pizza and chicken caesar salad, and smiling kids of course. Free time was filled with lots of laughs and tons of tether ball matches. Our staff working the Trading Post found an easier way to transfer food to campers by tossing snacks and drinks to the attendants at the window. The campers got a big kick out of the different tosses.

The afternoon was filled with more classes in climbing, riding, swimming, and dance! The girls are achieving so much in their different activities, we are so proud! Dinner consisted of yummy roast beef, baked carrots, mac-n-cheese, and dinner rolls! 

As the evening set in, we held our White Feather Ceremony where girls are recognized and honored for the outstanding leadership and character they display at camp. The girls honored were presented with necklaces and pressed their painted hands to the post on the hill, leaving their mark on camp. The following campers were presented with these awards:


Eliza B
Daisy B
Charlotte B
Emmy C
Louise C
Wynnie C
Sunny C
Ine Rae D
Alexandra E
Annabella F
Riggs F
Lucy F
Mallory G
Collins G
Amelia G
Francie G
Maisie H
Kate H
Izzy I
Caroline K
Lilly L
Ivy L
Elizabeth L
Violet M
Ava M
Claire M
Katelyn M
Caitlin O
Wynnie P
Lilah P
Betty P
Eloise R
Wenley S
Mae T
Elizabeth T
Margaret B
Mary Grace C
Eleanor C
Vera Rose C
Madelyn G
Townley J
Campbell L
Anna Wilder P
Dorothy R
Isabel C
Anna Clark M
Cricket S
Everly T
Piper T
Mila V
Maite B
Charlotte C
Shelby C
Evie C
Samantha G
Whitney G
Ava L
Lucie I
Ava L
Mary Rhodes M
Alexandra M
Lucy M
Josephine O
Lexie P
Quinn P
Ellie Q
Ava R
Harper R
Taylor S
Caroline S
Grace T
Taylor W
Percy E
Emma F
Eloise G
Collins H
Sarah Dial A
Jalin C
Ava C
Margaret J
Allie S
Annie W
Katherine B
Mary RIchard E
Collman F
Frances H
Finley H
Anna L
Lanie M
Elizabeth M
Suzanna T
Charlotte W
Zelle W
Tweedle: Ina Rae D, Eliza B, Townley J, Violet M, Kate H, Campbell L, Izzy I, Mila V, Anna Clark M, Vera Rose C and Everly T
Intermediate: Quinn P, Whitney G, Kate M, Alexandra M, Lucy C, Lydia L, Miller G, Elsie W, Ina Rae D, Eliza B, Harper R, Hadley D, Lillie Kate D, Allie W, Corrine H, Eloise G, Celia S, Percy E, Anna Claire P and Mary Rhodes M.
Senior: Molly H, Mary Adams K, Hannah M, Anna E, Daire K, Olivia S, Stella C, Adele C, Candler L, Adeline P, Charlotte W, Laura Kate H, Annaleigh M, Lauren B, Leah S, Ella W, Anna S, Suzie T, Jalin C, Molly F, Pearce W, Lily H
Tweedle:  Ina Rae D, Ivy L, Elizabeth T, Frances G, Riggs F, Piper T, Dorothy R, Lucy F, Madelyn G, Vera Rose C, Everly T
Intermediate: Quinn P, Julia C, Cody L, Maite B, Emily A, Juliette R, Susanna A, Louise M, Juna R, Helen W, Paige C, Allie W, Eloise G, Percy E, Ava H, Malloy H. Bria R
Senior: Sasha C, Claire R, Daire K, Grace S, Vail G, Elizabeth K, Elise A, Sadie C, Caroline T, Sarah Catherine E, Caroline R, Lavinia C, Eliza S, Sophia B, Ann Calvert W, Suzie T, Eloise M, Elizabeth M, Maddie T, Jalin C, Anna L, Ella R
Volleyball Silver: Avery Rockey


After the ceremony, the evening activity was announced as the Great Escape! The campers split off into teams of eight and ran around the camp trying to find clues and solve a riddle to be the first tribe to find the flag! There was lots of chanting, singing, and laughing as the campers raced to complete the tasks. 


Ashlynn Akiona and Leland Vickery