Happy July Fourth from Camp Merri-Mac!

Immediately after Reveille went off this morning, girls were quick to jump out of bed with excitement for the 4th of July. This morning, the Tucker Inn was filled with red, white, and blue. For breakfast, we had a camp classic: waffle sticks topped with strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream! After singing patriotic songs at breakfast, girls headed to the chapel where we heard a true story from Mary Page on how God invites us into relationships and how He loves us because He took the time to make us.

After chapel this morning, girls headed to tribe meetings to learn new tribe songs! If you are standing in the chapel, you can hear the Black Bear tribe screaming their tribe songs all the way from the fencing pavilion. They definitely have a lot of spirit!

In activities this morning, girls summited the upper tower in climbing, learned how to wet-exit in kayaking, learned how to shoot a gun in riflery, and baked some delicious chocolate cupcakes in cooking! After the bugle released girls from their second activities, girls raced to the back green for “turf time” before lunch. “Turf time” is a time for girls to lounge on the turf, soak up the sun, and catch up with their friends with all their happenings from the morning.

Lunch today was a camp favorite, Greek Day! Greek day is a meal consisting of pita bread, Greek chicken, and toppings of tzatziki sauce, lettuce, onion, tomato, feta cheese, and olives. Plates were scraped clean. At the end of lunch, each tribe stood on their benches to sing their tribe songs, followed by loud chaos of each tribe singing their special chant: “Black Bear is number one and don’t you forget,” “Eagle pride, Eagle power,” and “Go Red Wolves!” After tribe songs end, campers begin to sing to our camp princess, Sylvia B.

After lunch, cabins Milky Way and Jiggity Jog swept the Tucker Inn very well in hopes they win the sweeping competition prize of Oreo Ice Cream sandwiches! Not a single crumb was left on the floor when they were done. Good job girls!

During free time today, the cabins Up Yonder, Cross Patch, and The Robin had free swim! Girls got to blob each other, jump off the diving board, swim, or just float around. Free swim is a big hit on a hot day like today!

In afternoon activities today, girls shot bullseyes in archery, learned new choreography in dance, learned some rescues in junior lifeguarding, and learned how to trot on a horse! Camp was busy today with activities!

Dinner tonight was baked ham, potatoes au gratin, and peas… delicious! After each cabin sang their cabin song, one girl remained standing on her bench to represent her cabin in the costume contest for the most patriotic cabin! Who will be the winner?

Dinner was followed by El Presidente, red, white, and blue themed. Each team selects one president, five star, four star, and three star generals who are each worth a certain amount of points if caught by the other team. The goal of the game is to find and catch the other teams president to win!

After El Presidente, girls will head to their cabins where they will be getting ready for bead, or finding out what their post-evening activity is! Tonight, Jiggity Jog is making milkshakes in the cooking kitchen, a camp favorite!

After a restful night of sleep tonight, girls will be ready for even more fun and excitement that tomorrow brings!

From this Haven,
Hannah Stout (Jiggity Jog counselor)