Today is our opening day of Second Session, and we are so excited for the next two
weeks with these girls!! Today we woke up to a little bit of rain and a yummy breakfast of
sausage, chocolate muffins, hash browns, and scrambled eggs. After breakfast the girls headed up
the hill for chapel.

Today in chapel we talked about who God is with camp director Adam Boyd. Adam
talked about how God is a loving father that will not let go of His children. We also talked about
how God spoke everything into being, except for mankind. God crafted and molded man in to
His image. As humans, we are all made and created by God. As our Creator, God knows us better
than anyone else, and He loves us because we are His handiwork and children.
After chapel, all the girls went to their tribe meetings where they learned chants for post
evening and closing day. Tribal meetings happen everyday and are lead by the tribal leaders that
the girls voted for yesterday before initiation. Our tribal leaders are selected from our Sunny-
Siders (which are our oldest campers).

After tribal meetings, the girls headed off to their first activities of the days. Today in
activities, girls learned about safety for their respective tasks and their expectations for each
activity. They also got to start practicing and learning new skills today. Some girls enjoyed
pottery where they made dishes while others enjoyed kayaking where they learned how to wet exit from their kayaks. This morning was full of diverse activities, laughs, and

After their morning activities, we all headed to lunch where we had a camp
favorite, Tacos-in-a-bag!! Everyone received a bag of Fritos and was able to put whatever taco
toppings they wanted in their bag and shake it up. We have also made sure we are all getting
plenty of water as the next few days are going to be hot ones up here.

After lunch all the girls went to look for the legendary hatchet to signal the beginning of
tribal games for second session. The Golden Eagles found the hatchet, and so according to
legend this means that they are going to win the banner this session. Hopefully Red Wolf and
Black Bear are able to give them a run for their money.

Speaking of tribal games, tonight we are playing Gold Rush. In this game, campers run
around camp looking for hidden objects that are gold. If they find a piece they have to run to
base and turn it in. But they have to be on guard because a crew of bandits (their counselors) are on
the loose and looking for gold themselves. If the camper is tagged by a bandit, then they have to
go to “court” and plead their case as to why they deserve the gold instead of the bandits.
After this girls will return to their cabins for a quick shower and devotions with their
cabins. Then lights out and a good-nights sleep so we can get up and hit the ground running
again tomorrow.

Kyla Rowell