Today campers woke up and put on their cutest pink outfits because “on Wednesdays we wear
pink!” For breakfast, the kitchen debuted a new dish: breakfast sandwiches with English muffins,
egg, and cheese, and hash brown patties on the side. Needless to say, the sandwiches were
well-enjoyed by all!

After breakfast, we headed to chapel where we sang some camp favorites “Pharaoh, Pharaoh”,
“Light the Fire”, and “10,000 Reasons”. Elizabeth spoke on the parable of the lost sheep while
answering the question “Who is man?”

We had lots of trips today! Girls went on kayaking, rafting, and climbing all outside of camp.
Meanwhile, campers spent the morning in various activities, such as on the dock in canoeing
and in competitive swimming, while others had fun playing tennis and basketball. We enjoyed
some cooler weather today, with partly cloudy skies and a few light rain showers throughout the

Lunch was ham and cheese croissants with house-fried potato chips, which were a huge hit. We
enjoyed a much needed rest hour before trading post opened, where girls got their favorite
treats, like Hershey’s Cookies and Cream, White Cheddar Cheez-its, and Sour Patch Kids.
During free time, Tweedle cabins and Sunspot had free swim while Moonmist shopped at the
clothing room. Afternoon activities began, where girls learned how to shoot rifles in riflery and
bows in archery. Many girls got bulls-eyes– some for the first time!
After fourth period ended, girls ran back to their cabins to change into their tribe jerseys for
Evening Activity: Base Jumping! A dinner of pasta with marinara and sausage, cheddar biscuits,
and broccoli, and sugar cookies for dessert, was enjoyed before we headed out to play Base

The objective is simple: relay “secret messages”, or slips of paper, to various bases throughout
camp without being stung by a counselor with a sock! Throughout the game, secret bases open
up, and each tribe has to answer a riddle to uncover their locations. Tonight, the council ring and
the fire dock in the lake (accessible by canoe!) were two of the secret bases.
After evening activity, some cabins enjoyed post-evening activities as special time with the girls
in their cabin. Little Dipper and Stardust had free swim in the lake, and Tweedle Doe headed to
the Boyd’s house to go swimming in their pool! Jiggity Jog put the puppies to bed, while Milky
Way made milkshakes in the cooking kitchen!

Overall, we had an amazing day at camp! As I’m writing this, I can hear giggles and chatter out
the window as Tweedle Doe returns for the night. Tweedle Dee is sneaking around in their
pajamas pretending to be “trees” and “giraffes” as they sneak up on other cabins! Girls in Bear
Camp and on the Hill are wrapping it up for the day with showers and devotional time with their
cabins. As we wind down, girls are ready to get some rest in preparation for another day of fun

Sarah Bartusch
Stardust Counselor