Happy Tuesday everyone!! We have had a warm day here in Black Mountain full of sunshine and clear skies. We are soaking up these last few days of sunshine and activities.

This morning girls enjoyed swimming, knitting, and cooking.
One of the best parts of water activities is that on the last day of activities girls get to enjoy free swimming!! This morning girls enjoyed the water slide, the diving board, and kayaking. The girls in knitting finished their projects and were all proud of the hard work they
have put in over the last few weeks of classes. Over in DIY girls were practicing embroidery and sketching. Down in the cooking kitchen, the girls got to make waffles and enjoy a sweet treat after they finished making their waffles.
Our drama classes put on two plays about the Lorax and the Lorax 2. These plays were directed by our drama students who have been working on their gold for drama. The play was
fun and full of many surprises. The viewers were in for an amazing treat and beautiful singing and dancing.

This afternoon, the third period girls in PAWs were in for a fun surprise. The puppies went for a swim!! They enjoyed cooling off while doing one of their favorite activities with some of their favorite people. After their swim, the puppies were brought back to their home and washed by the fourth period girls. The puppies and girls loved splashing around in the bubbles and getting all squeaky clean.

This evening we will be having our Princess Party for Sarah Frances W.. Each cabin has selected a “princess”, which is a girl who is a leader, sweet, kind, inclusive, and respectful with her peers. The princesses have been hard at work with their princess production. The party was a blast and all the princesses did amazing work. We are all so proud of them.

After this our girls returned back to their cabins for post-evening and rest. We cannot wait for our last day of fun with our 3A girls and we are eagerly awaiting our 3B girls.