Merry Christmas!

Today we woke up an hour late to Santa and his elves arriving to bring us donuts on the bright blue donut truck! Decked out in our Christmas pajamas, we sprinted out of our cabins at the sound of the truck horn, and we were met with Christmas music. Santa gifted us delicious donuts, hot chocolate, yogurt, and chocolate milk which were enjoyed by all. We returned to our cabins to find that Santa had visited us in the night, and filled our stocking with more sweet treats.

After we enjoyed our celebration, we went to Chapel where we sang “Joy to the World”, “Feliz Navidad”, and “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”. After Christmas inspired singing, Adam Boyd talked to us about how God became a man in order to complete His rescue mission for us.

Today we had a lot of super fun trips where campers were able to expand on their skills! We had a mountain biking trip to Lake James, a rafting trip, and a kayaking trip to the lower green. At Lake James, our mountain biking girls biked, and then were able to dip their feet in the water in order to cool off. Also, our archery girls traveled to Timberlake, decked out in their best black clothing, in order to compete in a lively tournament against our friends at Timberlake.

This morning our girls ran around camp in fitness, rode the horses around the ring in riding, and made delicious quesadillas in cooking. For lunch, we ate a Christmas inspired meal. During free time, we ate candy from Trading Post, played gaga ball, and spent time with our friends. Milkyway, Stardust, and Little Dipper got to cool off from the hot day with a super fun free swim! After free time, our girls worked on their pottery, played fierce games of pickleball, and learned how to filter water in Backpacking.

After fourth period, our girls sprinted back to their cabins to put on their best tribe gear for tonight’s evening activity, tribal volleyball! For this game, our youngest girls play Newcomb, while our older girls compete in a round robin volleyball tournament! We got to listen to fun music and sing while cheering for our tribes!

After our games, Cabins gathered together with their counselors for post-evening activities and to get ready for bed. Happy Hollow put the puppies to sleep, while Dreams Begin and Little Dipper did s’mores, and Moonmist and Blue Heaven did free swim.

Overall, we had a wonderful day at camp! Girls are now back in their cabins, doing devotions with their counselors and preparing to go to bed!

Liv Shirley
Comet Counselor