Campers got to sleep in today and woke up to a breakfast of fresh cinnamon rolls and fruit. Dressed in their whites they attended Sunday morning chapel and learned what a step of faith looks like from the sermon about the woman who touched the cloak of Jesus to be healed.

After chapel the campers participated in water balloon fights, pickle ball tournaments and the Tweedles even put on their own spa.

Soon it was time for lunch which was fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and dinner rolls. After a midday rest Bear camp had a free swim and the Tweedles re-enacted a live action Mariokart. Then everyone prepared for the camp wide triathlon. Participants competed in three different activities: swimming from the end of Lake Doris to the dock, riding a bike through Senior Hill and running part of the Tomahawk trail. There were two different heats of campers and staff alike, with the rest cheering for their fellow friends.

The CITs provided a tasty cookout of bratwurst, hamburgers and hotdogs accompanied by broccoli salad, watermelon slices and delicious chocolate smores cookies. After our picnic dinner campers went to Vespers in the chapel to watch hilarious skits, sing-a-longs lead by the staff and finally a true story with Elizabeth Olvey about turning the other cheek to forgive and protect themselves.

After Vespers, Sunnyside, Dreams Begin and Rainbow had a cowboy themed prom on top of Pippin Hill.
It was a highly eventful day and a great start to another week at camp!


The Social Media Team