And…we’re off!

What a fantastic opening day, and what a great group of families! It’s always fun to meet you
guys before we get to spend these weeks with your girls. We saw a lot of happy girls and sweet
goodbyes and it was fun to see how many girls could not wait to reunite with their old friends.
But before that could happen we were excited to welcome our new friends:

Black Bear:
Piper A.
Elizabeth B.
Aria B.
Elliott B.
Elle D.
Katherine D.
Victoria N.
Ana G.
Elisa G.
Jovie G.
Charlotte H.
Reagan H.
Noelle M.
Tegan M.
Ekkiot M.
Ellie P.
Emily R.
Mary Nelson S.
Adriana U.
Jolynn V.
Kylee V.
Sallie P.

Red Wolves:
Logan A.
Eleanor C.
Vivian C.
Winnie C.
Violet C.
Isabella C.
Cali D.
Hannah E.
Aubrey E.
Presley F.
Everly G.
Ragan G.
Mattie H.
Kathryn H.
Stella L.
Ella L.
Claire L.
Ashlyn M.
Brigid M.
Leah M.
Stav O.
Celia S.
Gigi S.
Sophia T.
McKenna V.
Elsie W.
Stella W.
Biz Y.
Angie C.

Golden Eagles:
Mary Anne A.
Elizabeth A.
Ava A.
Hayden B.
Bryn B.
Elle B.
Harlee B.
Marguerite B.
Juliette C.
Ashley H.
Cappel H.
Frances H.
Eleanor H.
Josephine H.
Maggie S.
Adelaide S.
Charlie T.
Camille W.

There was also a lot of celebration as the girls elected their new tribe leaders:

The Golden Eagle leaders are:
Chief: Grace F.
Elder: Ensley K.
Scouts: Campbell E., Lillis D., and Agnes H.

The Black Bear leaders are:
Chief: Caroline M.
Elder: Jana Lane W.
Scouts: Layla C. and Lucy P.

The Red Wolves leaders are:
Chief: Addi P.
Elder: Frances M.
Scouts: Maisie B. and Griffin B.

And the excitement will continue growing tomorrow as we start our activities and have our first
trips soon. I love it when we get out right away because we grow through adventure and we find
adventure in the mountains.
We promise to keep the adventure turned up, and the attention to detail turned up too.

From This Haven…