Merri-mac was busy with trips, activities, and fun today! Today was the second full day of camp meaning a brand new set of activities and opportunities for our campers. After their 7 a.m. wake up, followed by cabin chores, our campers headed down to breakfast for some french toast and sausage to fuel them for the morning. After the campers finished eating and we had sung our breakfast songs, we headed up to chapel to spend time singing and worshiping the Lord. Our short message or “true story” today was from Adam Boyd, speaking on the necessity to not just say we love God because we think it’s the right thing to do but to truly love God with all our heart.

Meanwhile, some of or Merri-Mac campers ventured out on trips that put what we learn in classes into real practice. Our trips that went out today included a hiking trip to a swimming hole, a kayaking trip to the Lower Green River, and a Canoeing trip to Lake James. On all three of these trips, the girls had the opportunity to pour extra time and effort into these specific activities while also spending quality time with their instructors and friends.

Back at camp, morning classes were in full swing! Since the girls were in new classes today, each class spent intentional time going over how to be safe in their activity as well as the basic practices needed to participate in the class. In cooking, the girls learned baking techniques while making snickerdoodle cookies and backpacking class learned the 7 LNT (leave no trace) principles through hand motions and skits. Mountain biking learned how fit their bikes and helmets and then rode all around camp. These are just a few examples of all the cool things our campers learned today!

For lunch we enjoyed a camp-wide favorite: Taco in a bag! Every single camper is given their own bag of Fritos to mix taco toppings into, making lunch fun for every girl. Tribal spirit is high at lunch time because the entire camp stands up and sings fight songs for their tribe. So much fun! Post-lunch our campers get some down time in their cabin before the excitement of trading post where every camper gets a snack and drink of their choice. After enjoying some free time to hangout around camp with their friends, our campers head to their afternoon activities.

Afternoon activities were a blast! Campers continued to grow in activities they have done before as well as try out new activities. After activities were finished, campers changed into their tribal spirit wear in preparation for the evening activity: Tribal Volleyball! Campers go to dinner ready to fight for their tribe! After dinner, our intermediate camp and senior hill campers headed up to The Mike to compete in volleyball while our junior camp campers suited up in a swim suit for a slip-n-slide and water party!

After a fun night of competition and fun in the water our campers retired to their cabin to spend quality time with their cabin-mates and counselors. Today was truly a full day at camp full of growing friendship, exciting competition, and camp-wide spirit!

Georgia Schutz – Rainbow Counselor