Happy first day of August here from Camp Merri-Mac!

Today, camp was very busy with activities and adventures! Girls woke up this morning ready for adventure in their activities. After all the cabins were cleaned, it was time for breakfast. This morning, we had scrambled eggs, potatoes, and biscuits, with the alternate options of oatmeal, yogurt, and fruit. A very good breakfast! Soon after signing some favorite camp songs, like “A-Wang”, Merri-Mac headed up to chapel to hear from Patrick, the director of Black Mountain Expeditions, share about how when we disobey our Father, He is always forgiving, and how the Lord is with us at every moment in our lives.

Soon after, daily activities began and girls were eager to continue to learn new skills or improve on others. In kayaking this morning, Griffin B. worked on her “roll”, a skill that is very important to have when kayaking down a rapid. In climbing, Julia K. worked on climbing a route on our Traverse Wall, working towards her silver bar in the class. Up in riflery, Spencer C. is working towards her gold bar, which is very difficult to earn! Today, cooking made pizzas! Sallie D. showed me how she made hers with sauce, cheese, and delicious toppings!

Soon after morning activities ended, the girls headed to lunch. Today, we ate Italian Hoagies with topping choices of lettuce, tomato, and onion. They were delicious! When the girls wrapped up their eating, our Sunnyside tribe leaders began leading us in tribe songs. At lunch, each tribe sings three of their tribe songs. It gets very loud in the Tucker Inn with all of the spirit these girls have! After tribal songs ended, we sang “Side by Side”, and then we sang to our second session camp princess, Griffin B. These songs have been sung at lunch for many generations past, and for many generations to come.

After lunch, girls headed up to rest time. Some favorite rest time activities include reading a book, writing letters, playing cards with yourself, or taking a well-deserved nap! As a former camper, I looked forward to rest time every day. When the bugle rings to signal that rest time is over, the girls jump out of their beds and race down to trading post where they can get a mid-day sweet treat. The most popular trading post order is Airhead Extremes and a Gatorade.

During afternoon activities, girls continued to work on their skills. In riflery, girls are working on getting groupings of 2, 1, or 0.5 inches. This means that all 5 bullets from the round land in a circle that wide! Girls are summiting the upper tower in climbing, practicing strokes in kayaking and canoeing, learning rescues in Jr. Lifeguarding, making pizzas in cooking, learning to fence in fencing, or learning to throw on the wheel in pottery! Camp is busy all over!

Tonight we had Aquafest, which is essentially many relay races going on at once at the lake. There were multiple canoeing, kayaking, and swimming races. There was even a belly flop competition among the counselors! What a night! Following Aquafest, cabins separated to do their post evening activities. Tonight, Milky Way, Stardust, and Little Dipper are all going on the slip and slide! Post evening activities are kept a secret until after evening activity, making it so much more fun for the campers!

After a day filled with fun and adventure, it is time for the girls to wind down with showers and devotional time. Each night before bed, cabins do “devo” time where we recap the story and message about chapel, share examples of how God is working in our lives, and say a quick prayer. Then, taps goes off and it’s time to sleep!

From this Haven,
Hannah Stout
Milky Way counselor