Reveille at 7 am kicked off our day full of beautifully clear blue skies and excitement to still be at Merri-Mac. The morning started with breakfast and Rattlin’ Bog to finish off the meal. The dining hall is always electric when we sing Rattlin’ Bog in the morning!

We then headed to chapel to hear Mary Page tell us about how the guardrails God sets up for our life through His law are a good thing, but we have the gift of Jesus for when we inevitably fall short sometimes!

After delighting in this truth and going to tribe meetings, we were off to our activities. Safety talks are still in full swing and in archery we’ve had lots of girls getting on target complete with lots of bullseyes in only the first few days! Lego building met this morning and made houses made out of legos. How fun!

Lunch was had by all with a glorious meal of mini corn-dogs and mac and cheese. It was announced that the Black Bears won sock war AND spirit points. The Bears are coming in full force, but we all know it comes down to personal points. We also found out that we would be playing Gold Rush for our evening activity tonight! We got some much needed rest during rest hour because Merri-Mac girls are all in, and we are here for it!

After free time we headed to our last two activities for the day. Cooking made chocolate cookies that were absolutely delicious and pottery has enacted an “Under the Sea” theme for their pieces to help give girls inspiration on what to make. Creativity is in the air over there in the Enchanted Barn!

After activities, we fueled ourselves with barbecue sliders and brownie delight and then we were ready to be all in for Gold Rush. Gold was found, stories to win gold were told, and you guessed it… the Black Bear’s pile of gold weighed the most when it came down to it.

We got some quality time with our cabins during our post-evening activities. Walking around camp there were lots of post-evenings to see. Campfires with s’mores, free swim, the slip and slide of course, and raiding tray po. What a treat!

We winded down the day with devo before bed and got some solid sleep so somebody can put a stop to all of these Black Bear wins!!

Your Golden Eagle friend,

Caroline Mobley

Archery and Upper Senior Hill Cabin Area Director