It is the fourth day of camp and the campers are settling in! The girls woke up on this chilly morning to tidy up our cabins all hoping to get a 10 as their cabin score. This morning began with a delicious breakfast made by our fabulous kitchen staff. The girls ate hash browns, breakfast sandwiches, and sausage… YUM! They always have the option to eat at the yogurt bar, eat fruit, oatmeal, or grits which are available every morning. During the meal, the girls talked about their classes and trying to predict who won gold rush (PS Iroquois won Gold Rush).

After two periods of classes, it was time for lunch. Today was the meal everyone at camp was waiting for… TACO IN A BAG. Taco in a bag is a meal that we all wait for and it is basically all your taco toppings in a frito bag. Some girls like myself like to dump it on a plate creating a walking taco. To wrap up lunch, we all stood on the benches cheering for our tribes.

This afternoon during free time, the Tweedles passed out invitations to their fashion show which occured 15 minutes after trading post. Everyone at camp came behind Tweedle mansion to watch the show. The show consisted of many outfit changes, tribal cheers, and singing songs from The Greatest Showman. All the tweedles participated and it was truly a beautiful show. Anna M. cried her eyes out from how sweet the performance was. I am looking forward to more in the future.

Today was another beautiful day looking over Black mountain. The sky was clear and the sun was out! You know what that means… SUMMER TIME. All the girls got to go for a swim and jump off the diving boards into the refreshing water. A lot of laughs and smiles were shared amongst each other. These girls we have at Merri-Mac (staff and campers), are truly beautiful and everyone is having an amazing summer.

Tonight’s evening activity is one loved by many…APACHE RACE! Stay tuned for tomorrow to see who will win. Hopefully Choctaw!!

Julia Cappiello ’18

The Robin counselor and PROUD CHOCTAW