It was such a great day here at Camp Merri Mac! Today in kayaking class the girls focused on skills, Nataleigh P. got her roll so quickly! In fencing the girls got the opportunity to work on bars- Moxie L. even got her silver! In cooking the girls made pasta with meatballs, Kate B. said it was the best pasta she has ever had!

There were many trips going out today. First, there was a kayaking trip going out to the Tuck. The Tuck is an awesome river, in fact, it is the next level up river from the Lower Green. Girls who went on the Tuck are Paisley S., Maren K., Caroline S., Savrina R., Katie H., and Merrrit G. There was also a climbing trip going out today, girls on this trip said they had so much fun! The girls that went on this trip are Vivian F., Trista R., Emma C., Maryalice A., Cayleigh E., Charlotte R., Lilly M., Lydia M., and Annabeth M. 

At lunch all three tribes figured out that the winner for last night’s Battle Ball was a three way tie! The points will be divided among the three tribes and counted towards the banner. Tonight we are playing Base Jumping. In this game, the campers will get to run from base to base delivering slips of paper. The bases are all around camp and counsulars act as “stingers” so if a consular tags a camper they have to take the campers paper and it will count against their tribe. May the best tribe win!