Campers have been hard at work earning gold and silver bars in activities today. Greer D. completed her gold bar in basketball and described the requirements. 

“It felt amazing since I’ve been working on it for two years,” she said. You have to complete eight out of ten free throws, six out of ten three pointers, and a bunch of different complex layups.”
Greer D.

To celebrate this big accomplishment, Greer said she’s already planning out how to achieve her gold in volleyball.

Others have spent the day hiking at Graybeard. Masie B. was one of the campers chosen to go on this ten-mile day hike. 

”It was hard but rewarding. The terrain was super muddy and at some points it was basically a creek,” she said. “But I think the food on trips is amazing.” 

After a lunch of quesadillas, girls in the Tweedle cabins announced that they will be hosting a talent show on Wednesday. While only other Tweedles may perform, all ages are welcome to watch the performance, which will take place on Mackey’s Green during free time. 

Harper J., Ruthie L., Evans F., and Annie C., who will be acting as judges and commentators for the show, put up a number of fliers around camp today. They said that more than twelve girls had already auditioned. 

“We think it will be interesting,” Evans F. said. “We think some of the Sunnysiders and girls in Bear Camp will come watch.” 

Tonight, some girls will be camping out for their Solo 13, a rite of passage where campers set up camp and spend the night alone at different points along the Tomahawk Trail.

“I’m feeling nervous but excited,” said Poppy S. “I’m expecting lots of bugs but trying to get to sleep early.”
Poppy S.

Evening activity tonight is Gold Rush, a fan favorite. Different pieces of ‘gold’ are hidden around camp and campers and counselors compete to tell the best story about why they deserve to win the gold. 

“I’ve never played Gold Rush before,” said Presley K. “I’ve got some great story ideas though.” 

It’s been another great day at Camp!

From this Haven,

Ivy Young